December 01, 2022



FAMSS PES (FAMSS Piping Engineering Solutions) is an international Engineering Consulting firm located in India, which provides specialized engineering and inspection services to the FRP/GRP Industry and the companies who manufacture and utilize FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) /GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) products in their processes. Having a well experienced and dedicated team of engineers, FAMSS PES is committed to providing clients with quality services, offering them cost-effective and efficient solutions to their engineering and quality assurance needs.

FAMSS PES is experienced in both structural design, and in third party quality assurance shop and field inspection, preventive maintenance inspection, failure investigation and testing. Considering the unique characteristics, behavior and design methodology of GRP pipe systems compared to metallic systems and the wide acceptance acquired by GRP systems both in industrial and infrastructure (municipal) applications; it is of great importance to have a wide experience in the field of FRP/GRP design and manufacturing process which is the highlight of FAMSS PES.

Non Metals are being increasingly used in all the facades of industry. Non metallic’s posses unique properties which need to be harnessed for specific loading conditions arising from various industrial loading on the systems. Based on specific loading conditions, suitable non metallic materials can be recommended by FAMSS for its proper use which results in optimized performance based on cost and time. It is the specialized field and the team at the FAMSS has more than 10 years of cumulative experience in such activities from its inception till its field verification. We are committed to ensure proper selection of the materials till its operation through the cycles of auditing and inspection from design, manufacturing audits, installation and commissioning activity auditing.

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