September 18, 2023

About Us

International Developers (ID) office is specialized consultant in the field of structural engineering, fluid and infrastructure engineering, project management, supply chain management, industrial project development, and special building identical to hospitals and industrial buildings. Structural engineering includes initial design, description and specification for engineering designs, create drawings and specifications, perform calculations, review the work of other engineers, investigation, root cause and corrective action report, and observe construction sites. Fluid and infrastructure engineering include water and waste water pipes engineering design, layout, network, sections and specifications of pipes mainly GRP, GRE and RC pipes. Project management includes tools to plan and control all aspects of project including time, cost, quality and other areas in all phases of a project. Supply chain management includes developing and implementing supply chains that are as efficient and economical as possible in order to maximise customer value and to gain a competitive advantage in marketplaces.

International Developers’ team of experienced consultant developed collaborations through alliances and joint ventures with international partners with sustainable success, commitment and exceptional standard of performance in the field of engineering, consultancy, construction, real estate, building materials, waste water treatment, mining, etc… in order to provide “one stop” approach for total project delivery in different types of projects.

Our Vision

Be well recognized by our patrons as their best & reliable companion in the management of engineering solutions locally & in Global environment.

Our Mission

Constantly providing excellent and modern solutions with enthusiasm and committed in fulfilling the need of our clients to the best of their satisfaction.

OUR Assets

We consistently enhance our professional knowledge and skills by staying abreast of the dynamic changes and technological advancements utilized by our clients and the industry.


We respect, listen, understand and appreciate one another even in the midst of our differences; in fact, diversity in true of its word is the foundation of creativity & innovation.


We are a firm with qualified and well competitive engineers and we assure that the quality of works and services we provide is at the most best.

Client Focus

Our clients’ interests always come first. We do what it takes to serve them to the highest standards and we constantly seek to add value to their organizations.


International Developers provide services in almost all aspects of Engineering solutions. As a Product: in design, engineering /analysis, re-engineering, In Manufacturing: process development, operations improvement, machinery upgrading, technicians and engineers training; In the Field: field inspection, supervision services, assessment, failure and root cause investigation, training…etc.; or In a New Plant: design and construction including machinery supply consultancy, and existing plant upgrading.

With experiences varying from 20 years to 30 years in major companies, our engineers are guaranteed to provide the best services in all engineering needs and solutions.

International Developers (ID) delivers the technical plans and provides engineering consultancy and services for demanding and complex infrastructure projects, such as power plants, energy transmission and distribution facilities, systems for drinking water supply and sanitation, and facilities for waste treatment.

We have specialization across a diverse range of Highways, Bridges, Railways, Water Supply and Sanitation including Solid Waste Management, Town/Urban, Land Planning, Major and Minor Irrigation Projects, Buildings.